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An excerpt from Robert Frank’s Rolling Stones documentary “Cocksucker’s Blues”.

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El Clavo Y La Cruz- The Plugz (1981)

Since people seeing that Dylan post may not be familiar with The Plugz, here ya go.

I don’t think I’ve heard this song since junior high.  Wow - just.  Wow.  

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Paul Weller Tribute Rickenbacker 330.  [Source.]

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The Irony of Cliven Bundy's Unconstitutional Stand →

Fuckin’ idiot.  Before invoking your state’s sovereignty, it’s a good idea to read it’s constitution.

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A Prayer For The Children Of Abraham/Ibrahim

For every aspiring ballerina huddled
scared in a basement bomb shelter

    For every toddler in his mother’s arms
    behind rubble of concrete and rebar

For every child who’s learned to distinguish
"our" bombs from "their" bombs by sound

    For everyone wounded, cowering, frightened
    and everyone furious, planning for vengeance

For the ones who are tasked with firing shells
where there are grandmothers and infants 

    For the ones who fix a rocket’s parabola
    toward children on school playgrounds

For every official who sees shelling Gaza
as a matter of “cutting the grass” 

    And every official who approves launching projectiles
    from behind preschools or prayer places
For every kid taught to lob a bomb with pride
And every kid sickened by explosions 

    For every teenager who considers
    “martyrdom” his best hope for a future:

May the God of compassion and the God of mercy
God of justice and God of forgiveness

    God Who shaped creation in Her tender womb
    and nurses us each day with blessing

God Who suffers the anxiety and pain
of each of His unique children

    God Who yearns for us to take up
    the work of perfecting creation

God Who is reflected in those who fight
and in those who bandage the bleeding —

    May our Father, Mother, Beloved, Creator
    cradle every hurting heart in caring hands.

Soon may we hear in the hills of Judah
and the streets of Jerusalem

    in the olive groves of the West Bank
    and the apartment blocks of Gaza City

in the kibbutz fields of the Negev
and the neighborhoods of Nablus

    the voice of fighters who have traded weapons
    for books and ploughs and bread ovens

the voice of children on swings and on slides
singing nonsense songs, unafraid

    the voice of reconciliation and new beginnings
    in our day, speedily and soon. 

And let us say: 


 - The “Velveteen Rabbi” [Source.]

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Bob Dylan doing “Jokerman” on David Letterman, 1984.  This shreds hard. The original is great; but I think I like this one even better, crappy harp solo and all.

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